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Candy apples tomorrow!!! I can't wait.


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Wow - you guys are killing me with the great looking zoos. Where did these all come from all of a sudden? I swear zoos have gotten better looking lately.


Yeah... no kidding Jason. I can't believe all the really striking color morphs showing up in these threads lately. Makes me want to get another tank and start a collection... hey, wait a second (scratch)

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I have some zoos in my tank and hate them because they try to grow over my SPS. Zoos are like daisies. They are pretty on their own, but I don't want them in my lawn.


But man, all these gorgeous zoos lately are making me want to give it a try.


I'm a one tank guy, so everything has to play well together.

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Don'g go to sleep Isaac (plotting) I think I found a method to get you to cooperate and cough them up(enforcer). Those are pretty sweet man. Can't wait to see what all you get in stock.(clap). To where some can't stand zoa's which is TOTALLY normal (nutty), I personally look forward to having a "Zoa lawn". Much nicer looking than sand.


All meant in good humor Jason;) Once again Isaac...I am waiting patiently(crazy)

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