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Zoa and Paly frag pack 1 available


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I have the following frag pack for sale. The first 4 don't have names that I know of. They are the Japanese deep water zoas. I paid a lot of money for these so I can't let them go at fire sale prices, but this is still a lot less than you would pay online. I am asking $200. If there is no interest locally within a day or so they will go for sale on reefcentral. Thanks and call 503-330-4772 if interested.


#1: 3 polyp frag




#2: 7 polyp frag




#3: 8 polyp frag




Another photo



#4: 8 polyp frag




#5: Bali Safecracker 4 polyps




#6: True purple people eater 1 polyp




#7: Rainbow Paly, 1 polyp




#8: Ring of Fire: 6 polyps




#9: Nuclear greens: this photo of actual frag, 8 polyps



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Pack is sold' date=' thank you. The nuclear greens are all gone but I could make 1 more frag of any of the rest. If anybody is interested in buying a few frags let me know which ones you like and we could work something out.[/quote']


Where is happy valley where you live?

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