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Whats going on in the member's forum??


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Are you a PNWMAS member? Have you visited your member's forum? Just thought I'd check!


If you are a member, you are eligible to nomitate and vote for individuals for the offices of:



Vice President



Vendor Relations


Plus take part in nominating and voting for the Board of Director positions!


As of now, we have 1 nomination for each office, with the exception of Treasurer and Vendor Relations.


Look around...is there another member here on the forum that you would like to see participate in the leadership aspect of this club? If so, get on board and start nominating! The nominations close the last day of April and voting begins in May.


So, visit your friendly "Members Forum" for all of the latest and greatest news about being a PNWMAS member. And remember, for $20.00 membership fee, you can be part of the decision making process for this great club!


Thanks a bunch!


Kris Waters, PNWMAS President

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Hmm... sounds like all three of you may not yet have your accounts configured as paid members. Same thing happened to me. I would recommend shooting Brandy (the treasurer, secretary) a PM to let her know you paid but your status doesn't seem to have been updated. She might need your real names to cross-check to. I think Rob Allend does the actually account configuration once Brandy verifies the payment and links it to the username.


Anyway... that is my best guess. Hopefully Brandy will clarify. Sorry I can't be more helpful guys.

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Strange...I am sure I just posted a response.


If this is duplicated, I apologize in advance! Anyone who has paid for membership, yet can not gain access to the Members Section on this forum, please contact me via PM with your Name and date of purchase.


Rob has been working hard on the website and I am sure this is just a glitch in the system!



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