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Any thoughts as to what I am???


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I have a frag of something growing in my tank that I don't know what it is. (scratch)

Anyone have any thoughts? It was really orange with small green spots but now that the tank is "healing" it is turning very bright green in most spots with small orange areas. When the halides come on it gets really "fuzzy" (I have no clue what it's really called I'm terrible with terms) and at night it has long feeding "feelers". I haven't seen the "feelers" since it started turning green though. I hope that it is feeding still so I hope to identify it so I can take better care of it. It has been getting Very "fuzzy" lately and looks happy just no feeding feelers.


The first picture was right after I got the tank back and salt was still above 1.3 and completely toxic on all levels. The middle two are yesterday now that tank is doing good (almost) and the last is just of the tank as pathetic as it currently is :)




Thank you once again!:D





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After Chewie's post I'm leaning towards Pavona. It can't find a google picture of one exactly like mine though. The Pavona pictures are very thin and even called potatoe chip coral cause of their shape. Mine is fat. The ones pictures on goodle have the fuzz all over where as mine only has fuzz in the orange now purple sections. The vibrant green is flat like my favias eyes. Granted this one was in an abused tank so it might be shaped poorly cause of the abuse??? The color change from six weeks ago is amazing to me.

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Psammacora sp. gets my vote. The individual mouths are what make me think Psammacora.




I just found a picture for Supernova Psammacora and the color as well as the shape seem pretty dead on. granted the picture I googled is as bad as mine are but I'm thinking you got something here.

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Thank you! It is slow but the pictures from six weeks ago are amazing comparatively. I resisted and did very gradual water changes instead of huge ones. I even moved gallons and gallons of toxic water with the tank which killed me so they would not go into shock. The salt levels were so high I figured the drop would result in the rest of the tank. I am glad i did though! Just this one the colors have morphed so much. I had an amazing brain maze. Super deep purple and very bright green. Very vivid. Infact I think you can see it (it's skeleton that is) in the middle top of the tank. Looks like a round rock now. There were only a few spots of it left. Infact looked more like a favia. the spots were round with a small dot for a mouth, no maze lines. Just in the last six weeks of slwo water changes the purple had doubled and is very thick. The green mouth is now lines through it as a maze should be instead of small dots. It's amazing how easily something can be killed but yet how hardy they can be at the same time.

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The coral grows as slow as the money comes in unfortunately ;) It has been a big adventure to get people to move it, new bulbs, new well everything. I got a great deal on some snails from Dorian (HOPE HIS STORE OPENING GOES GREAT!!! Tommorrow I think?) I broke down and got a great deal on a clam that I feel in love with, but the corals are coming!!!

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