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New Volute for 2900...


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Been thinking about which pump to put on my big skimmer and got a deal on a Laguna Maxflow 2900 from a PSAS buddy in Seattle.


Pump came bare and needed a Volute, so I made one. This should kick butt and pull a lot of air and use less electricity with the pinwheel.


The first one I made using 3/8" material for the holder (bracket) was too thick, would have to get longer screws. First one on the right in last pix. The outlet needed to be raised up more. So I build another one. It's on the left in the last pix


Just waiting for my PinWheel to get here. (whistle)






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If you can build a cone skimmer with a bubble plate. I'll take one! They are so expensive right now I would have to sell my tank to get one. The best price I could find is the i-tech but there is not a lot of info on it. It sound like a good skimmer and built in the US. Here is some info on it: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1536745&perpage=25&pagenumber=1

If you want to copy a good cone skimmer I would do the Royal Exclusiv-Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmer. Here are some links to the skimmer: 1. http://www.premiumaquatics.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=VX-A250&Category_Code=Vertex 2. http://glassbox-design.com/2009/new-royal-exclusiv-vertex-alpha-cone-skimmer-intro-pricing-and-more-photos/



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Those cones are nice but not worth the $$ for me. I'd rather build one myself and watch it work and function as planned. Much more enjoyment to see it come together.


On my volute, there is no gasket on the back of the mounting "plate". It has on "O" ring on the pump housing and I made the mounting "plate" a snug fit. You have to turn and push it on.


Ryan - Have you thought of using the Sicce PSK 2500 Pump from Salt Water Connection it's only $109 + ship Comes with Needle wheel and meshwheel and uses low watts, forgot the numbers DOH!

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That is looking really sharp! Nice work! Can't wait to see that fired up... hope your pinwheel shows up soon.


Makes me think I should dig that huge skimmer body out of the basement and see about modifying it. Seems like there are a lot of folk on here who could give some good ideas on that - it could use a bubble plate and a pump. Not like I don't have enough to do already... :D

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That's really nice work. I'm doing something similar to an Aquaclear 70 powerhead. How did you decide on the "depth" (front to back) of the new volute? What size is the one you made?


The body is from a 4" PVC connector and it 4.5" around and 1 3/4" deep. You'll need to measure everything, the length of the pinwheel from the pump housing plus an 1/4". I used a circle cutter on the router and had to shim the hole up a little smaller to fit snug. Then used this as a templet to route out the permanent one. Just remember the outlet has to be above or below center and not exactly on center with the pump.


good luck

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Ryan - Have you thought of using the Sicce PSK 2500 Pump from Salt Water Connection it's only $109 + ship Comes with Needle wheel and meshwheel and uses low watts, forgot the numbers DOH!


I have not considered the Sicce pump for the skimmer I am planning. I was making a much smaller skimmer (6" base) I would consider the Sicce.


Here is what I have planned:


Cone: 10" base, 5.5" top, 15.5" tall

Neck: 5" diameter, 6" tall

Cup: 10" diameter, 6" tall

Overall Height: 24.5"

Pump: Laguna/Askoll 1500 with DIY Voulte


It will be very similar to your skimmer, only with a cone body.

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I am going to buy the cone, and laser cut all of the flange/bubble plate pieces. Unfortunetly, acrylic cones are not cheep. The whole skimmer will come out to about half the price of a prebuilt high-end come skimmer. It will be for a 120ish gallon display.


There are a few companies I found who produce acrylic cones for skimmer applications but they are $275-$350 for the size I want. SWC sells the cone they use in their skimmers for $209 and it is very close in size to what I am looking for. So SWC it is!


Hopefully I'll be starting on it soon! I need to sell some equipment I have lying arround first.

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That Laser is a very handy tool. You could make a lot of nice form fitting parts. I want a Laser too. I just do it the old fashion way, by hand :D


You might want to take another look at the Sicce PSK 2500 30 -50 scfm @ 17 - 30watts @ $109 vs the 1500 Laguna @ $221 You can get 2 of the Sicce's for the price of one Laguna 1500 @ 100watts


Just an idea

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