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Skimmer body for sale


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I'm not sure, but I thought if someone is looking to build their own skimmer, they might be able to use this for parts.


D&D Terminator



Or if you have a Mag7 around and want to try out a crazy skimmer...:D


The outlet on the slanted part (where the hose for the skimmate attaches) is cracked, but glued together and holding. Other than that, the skimmer body is in good shape.


$50 obo

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I did! :)

I asked in the other thread if you could give me the brand and specs of the uv again. I wanted to check on pricing and availability of the replacement bulbs for it, before I decide.




they have dropped the price since i bought mine...:D


they are showing out of stock on the sterilizer and the bulb right now. i dont know what availability is, but I do know that the bulb is the same as any other standard 2 pin 36w bulb. I know Jebo, Odyssea, Coralife, and ESU, as well as any other 2 pin bulb.

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I would say that 3600GPH is for pond use. That doesn't allow the dwell time required for the parasites we try to kill in our reef aquaria. I would say that 24/7 run time is about 6 months. I used it for 2-3, then you used it, and I haven't had it running since. Dont know what the life expectancy is on the bulb, but I would say you are good for a while. I would keep the gph around the 400-500 range. i work every day, but get off around 4:30-5 so let me know what day works best for you. if you are in my area, let me know, and i will do likewise.

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