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Octopus Extreme 160 or Vertex IN-180?


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Okay, one last skimmer thread! I hope I'm not driving everyone insane with my questions yet!


My parents are giving me an Easter gift: a new skimmer!


I've narrowed it down to the two models in the title.

Does anyone have experience with these or had heard opinions?


I've read about pump problems with the Vertex, but I think the sicce pumps also have trouble sometimes.


The Octopus is somewhat smaller overall, which might be good for the low height of my cabinet (26", really more like 25 1/2").

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Yes, very! :D


There is always a flaw, no matter which model!


And I could swear I saw a million reviews for the OctoXtreme, but now I can only find websites that sell them.

There *must* be a thread on reefcentral, but the search is never working on there!

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So, you think the Sicce pumps are definitely superior to the Resuns?


Resuns are supposed to be cheaply made, but I don't know much about Sicce. Are they better quality?


Yeah Sicces are definitely superior. Resuns are usually replaced with Sicces:)

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It's been kind of stressful, and I seem to have lost my humor detection skills! :D


I've put an order in for an OctoXtreme, but it's on backorder and I have to wait 1-2 weeks.

It's the 200 (same cost as the Vertex I was also looking at), but that seems to be the most popular one of the batch.

If it doesn't fit into my sump, I have the option to exchange for the 160.

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