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Brad's 39g Cadlights


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This is my first go with SW. I decided on the 39g Cadlights Signature tank.


I'm having a hard time deciding on the placement of the LR. I don't know whether to keep the rock low or stack it higher (these tanks are 19.5" tall).


I had an outbreak of ich with the first batch of fish so I decided to focus on reef first and then introduce fish later.


30 lbs LR


3rd chamber fuge w/ chaeto



Nass, Astrea, and Turbos

Hermit crabs

Cleaner Shrimp


Carpet Anemone


No corals yet but soon (I'm thinking just softies and LPS for now).








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You may want to look for some different shapes and try to bridge some pieces and create caves. My first set up was more of a "pile" and did not allow for good flow thru and behind the rock. I ended up tearing it down eventually and placing it so now i can see thru to the back in several places

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That tank has a lot of potential. What Smann had to say was really solid. I would try to create caves an a canyon through the center. Even in a small space it can be done. You will love seeing your fish swim through the canyons.


When I had a 29 gallon tank often the new fish would quickly show white spots. I learned that if you add some Marine-Max to the tank it helps. It worked well for me.


With fish showing signs of trouble I added almost half of the bottle, 8oz, to a 29 gallon tank and never had a problem after that. That volume is far more than the label suggests but it helps knock out the problem. The labels recommendation is more of a maintenance dose. I now have a much larger tank and this product probably would be to spendy to make a difference. That is why a quarantine tank is helpful so that you can use products like this without going broke. They claim that it is reef safe and copper, chemical, and drug-free. I got this tip from Woody at Seahorse and I am convinced he knows what he is talking about.


Here is a video of my 29 gallon BioCube.


Another thing that really helped that tank was the use of very complex live rock that I think came from figi. Rather than being a solid rock shape it is shaped like coral and offers natural mini caves for critters.

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If you can buy a small chunk whenever you see a complex hunk at the store. That way you can spread the financial pain over a longer period and also just get the perfect specimens. My tank took forever to evolve but It is worth getting the live rock looking the way you like just in case your corals take to long to get established...as in my case.

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Tank Update -


1. Changed the aquascape around

2. Added a Koralia 3 for more flow (now I'm contemplating a vortech wavemaker).

3. Added a false perc, purple firefish, bi-color blenny, yellow watchman, and a pistol shrimp (both of which went MIA).

4. Tuxedo Urchin

5. My first coral - a nice zoo frag from Bob





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Your rock looks pretty porous to me. You just need to get some branchy shapes. SWF has good shaped pieces right now but I'm not sure what is left.


Nothing wrong with the aragocrete, have you thought about making your own? dsoz made some pretty nice pieces not too long ago.


If you get some dead rock, you can clean it real well. It will not impact your system if it's clean. Usually boiling/scrubbing dead rock a few times and letting it sit in the sun for a week will get it SUPER clean. It takes some time for it to look good though.


Either way once you get some pieces to work with, it is pretty easy to get a structure going. Once you get the main pieces set, use smaller pieces to fill in the rest.

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I'm getting a little concerned about the size of my carpet anemone. I was told it would maybe double in a year. In 5 months it's probably tripled. Will this carpet be too big for a 39g before long? If so, would I be better off with a RBTA instead?



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