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Budget skimmer advice


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Rps-1000 . Up to 125 gallon' date=' I would say you would be getting at the max but with the mesh mod I would think you should be alright. I love mine, there is a used one on ebay right now.[/quote']


What is a mesh mod, That looks exactly like my Euro reef

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Do the skimmers over estimate the gallon of tank they say it will do? Say a skimmer that says it will do a 125g would be good for a 60 gallon tank type deal? This is what I understand to be true.


I have been told by almost everyone to not skimp on the skimmer. It will only cost you in the long run.


I am looking at the MSX 160 OR 200 for a 40B with a 20L sump. I dont know maybe it might be to much.



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