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Purplish-black slime algae?


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This has really crept up in my 60G cube while I was gone (there was a tiny bit already there before I left).

Parameters are good (0 nitrates/trites and ammonia, pH 8.3, SG 1.026, Temp 79, alkalinity 8. Tests 0 for phosphates, but that doesn't really mean they aren't being used up right away, I guess.


Apart from water changes, is there anything else I can do.

It looks horrid and seems to be spreading despite two large water changes. My daughter kept up with the weekly changes while I was gone, and I've done two large ones since I got back on Tuesday.

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Looked like cyano when i was there.



The big tank do ok with that little skimmer? It didn't really have much bubbles (needs a needlewheel), but I told Keith it would be fine for a week or 2 without a skimmer. That recirc pump was fried, you see how black the sides where? You should have a fan blowing on the new one, or have water run over it somehow.

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Big tank is okay with a 5G waterchange every day.

Am currently on the lookout for another skimmer, as the old one was a bit hard to access in my sump.

Thanks for the hint about the recirc pump. I'll keep that in mind for the future one!


Any advice on the cyano?

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I had red slime cyano growing in my new tank. I gave it almost 2 months before I got sick of it and got some red slime remover. I try not to medicate too much in my tanks, but that slime was all over everything and starting to choke off some nice zoas.


It took two treatments 48 hours apart, and a water change in between. But my tank is mostly free of red slime... Now if only I can get rid of the hair algae...


How was the trip? It was Germany, right?



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