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My flame scallop's fire has gone out!


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Another inquiry into my tanks rehab.....




When I got the tank back an moved it I found the flame scallops rock that he called home had been turned over on him. I don't know why he stayed there... or maybe he doesn't move? I thought he was a goner but he soon opened up and now is looking great except he has none of his tentacles or well whatever they are called are gone?


Should I be feeding it something special to help him??



Although I am pretty sure this is the same guy and same rock I have considered something else though (cause I can't remember alot about my tank that I should!) ....maybe this is not him? Could this be someone new?


Thank you again for all of the great help!


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Maybe this isn't a flame scallop then. I use to have one. I thought it was on this rock cause it use to have a fabulous leather on it :( Everything else died I can't imagine something hard to keep alive. Do you know what it looks like? Hard to envision a scallop without it tentacles though..... It opens up amazingly and if it is the one i had it has been there for years!

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