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20K leagues lokani !


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I spent last night acclimating my newest frag - the 20,000 leagues lokani. (clap)


Actually, I got two. One is small - the other is really small.


I'll get a picture tonight, but couldn't wait to brag. (Hopefully, I didn't just jinx myself.)


Hey, MrGreenThumb... one of these has your name all over it... whenever you're ready to cut off a small piece of that Fruitloop (naughty)

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I will absolutely post a pic tonight. My wife hides the camera because my 2-year old likes to play with it. Apparently, I'm no smarter than a 2 year old girl, because I couldn't find it either.


It doesn't look like much right now. It's pretty small. You can see the purple in the tips, but don't really get a feel for the tourquoise body. I dipped it with Coral Revive - tough call on a high $ coral, but I'm not taking any chances - and that takes some color away. Hopefully, it will be perked back up tonight.

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Here she is.


It's the one right about in the middle. To it's left is a Greg Hiller Aqua Delight, and that's the Purple Monster peaking in the from the bottom. You can almost see a little one-eyed frag of the Original Watermerlon just behind it. And of course, the shame of my tank, the *($% red flat worms - please ignore those, it's time to vacuum them again.


Please excuse the poor photo - just a cheap point-and-shoot.





Doesn't look like much now, but it grows into this:



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are those flat worms?


Ouch - I said ignore those. Yeah. I hate those little *&$*&%%. I can't get rid of them. I've used Flatworm exit several times and it kills them off, but it doesn't get all of them. Then they just reproduce again. Plus the Flatworm Exit does a number on the corals.


So, I've given up. I just vacuum them up when I do a water change and it keeps them in check. They are REALLY bad in that picture. Generally, as long as I keep them vacuumed they don't get too bad.


When I upgrade in a couple months I'm going to eradicate them once and for all - one by one if I have to (threaten)

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