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Request for classroom tank supplies


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Hi all,


It's embarassing to me that I don't have a tank going yet. For about 10 years my whole life revolved around aquariums. In all of my job interviews, I always said that my classroom would be filled with aquariums. And now, here I am, more than halfway through my first year--and I don't have so much as a hermit crab. :eek:


So, while I might only have 4 months before the year is out--I MUST HAVE A TANK! Here's what I envision:


10-30 gallons

175 watt metal halide, and (hopefully) an actinic "ooooo-aaa" light

Live rock

MAYBE a couple of very small fish (lemon gobies or the like)

focus on invertebrates/small-stuff ('pods, brittles, cukes, etc.)


I was thinking about doing a "invasives-only" tank. You know, basically a live rock w/ caulerpas, flatworms, aiptasia, etc. I kind of want to test my theory that if nobody told you that you were looking at weeds, you'd think they were gorgeous and interesting. Plus, talk about low-maintenance! BUT, if the donors of this project think I'm crazy, then I'd be happy to stick with a lovely coral garden.


Like every teacher here, I have zero money to spend on this project. Over the last few years I've given away most of my reef stuff. I have a 10 gallon glass tank, a couple of hang-on-the-back filters, a few air pumps, etc. No skimmers, lights, salt, sand, etc.


So here is my shameless proposal: Donate your aquarium goodies to the Media Arts and Communications Academy! We're a new high school in Mcminnville, focusing on digital media and technology. I am trying to make science more of a focus, but the money tends to go towards computers. (nutty) I think that we could (very realistically) end up with a web cam on the tank, a website dedicated to it, and hopefully lots of pictures of students doing the work to set up and mantain it.


I'll be checking my private messages and email frequently! I'm sure between everyone here, some begging at LFS, and a bit of my own pocket change, we can get something going soon!


By the way, somehow PNWMAS.org is NOT blocked by the all-seeing all-knowing WebSense at our school--shocking, really. Some of my students are doing a project on aquarium chemistry and I sent them straight here.


Of course, thank you very much in advance.


Ryan Lenz

Media Arts and Communications Academy

Mcminnville, OR

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I have two 20 gallon tanks just sitting collecting dust. You are more than welcome to them. They were donated a while back for the tanks for teachers program. If you attend the next meeting which is in Salem I can bring them.


Also Ryan if you join the wiki site because you are a teacher your pnwmas membership will be free.



Submit a application to the officers/bods of PNWMAS. Application is found on wiki site or there is a thread here now how to get started. The other officers and BODs and I would review your application if accepted we could hook you up with a really nice all in one tank. Catch is you have to sign up with wiki and post progress reports at least once a month if not more. Tell us about how you are using the tank to educate the kids. Pictures, video, i reports etc.... are always welcome. Even a simple write up will work.


Glad to see you back

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Good to see you here again Ryan. I see that you have joined the Wiki site!

Donations for the Tanks For Teachers Program do happen all the time. A couple of donated boxes of equipment such as powerheads, heaters, a marine test Kit, SeaClone skimmer went quickly at the February Meeting. Show up at the meetings and events, and you will find that people often donate frags to the TFT Program. I know Dennis (dsoz) received a few things at the end of the 2008 NW-Coral Farmers Market when he had his TFT tank set up there. Stay involved and post at the Wiki site! We probably should make a flyer or Craigslist post for the program.

There is no harm in asking. This club basically runs on donations and the generous support of our Members and PNWMAS Sponsors.

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Ryan- I am a teacher in Woodburn, but live in Oregon City.


I would say to sign up for the tanks for teachers program and the club may hook you up with an aquapod 24g. It only has PC lights, but they are good enough for the soft and easy hard corals.


When you do get a tank with water in it let me know. I have been collecting donations from members for teacher tanks. I would be happy to share some of the donations with you. :)



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I think the invasive tank would be crazy. I often found some nice looking aptasia or majano, speaking of which, I have so mojano that has pink rim with green fingers and green mouth. It is so pretty I can't get myself to kill it. Now I have 2 and I still like em. Gotta get rid of them though. They are yours if you get this tank set up. I will hold them until I hear from you. I do have a kenya tree and some snake polyps to donate if you wish.

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Thanks for the offer :) I think I might have come and observed you for a day back about a year ago. Do you teach in Albany? Middle school? The guy with the killer tanks? I was there the day the power went out (yikes).


Anyway, I appreciated you then and I do now, as well! Part of me wishes I was at middle school....!

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Boy. You folks are *awesome*. Ask and ye shall receive. CatholicTeacher--that is a very generous offer. Joel, thanks for your immense support. Brandy--I might just take you up on one of your unused 20 gallon tanks. CA2OR--I hadn't even heard of majano (I think I'd been mis-identifying it!). But hey, if we do an invasives tank, I'll take it!


Everyone else I have forgotten to mention (I feel like I'm giving an acceptance speech for an Oscar), you are all doing awesome work. I got into this hobby when I was about 15, and this is who your frags, donated tanks, lights, etc. will be in front of. I hope it changes their lives like it does mine. Seriously. I am so grateful that my dad bought me that first bag of salt. My life could have ended up very differently. Bravo, PNWMAS! Let's work on getting a bit of publicity!


And please, check out my wiki! MACquarium I just made it today. I'm going to give my username/password to a few students and let them take over!



Mcminnville, OR




Thanks for joining the wiki. You can add stuff to it when you are ready. If you want kids to post to the wiki feel free. Let me know if you need anything. I can bring equipment up for you.

PM me on the mh light. I have something for you.

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Welcome to the club Ryan. I have several hundred pounds of sand that I can donate some to you. Just let me know how much you want. I also breed clownfish and have donated pairs to teachers involved in the club so if you would like a pair for your tank let me know and we'll talk. I believe that I also have a small skimmer that will work on a tank up to 75g that I'll give you.



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I'm still working on that. I think I am going to try for one of the 29 gallon aquapods from the club. Mike (CatholicTeacher) generously offered his 40 gallon, but I just don't have room for a sump. So I'm hoping to get one of those lovely self-contained aquapods. I emailed my application yesterday...so we'll see (clap)



What tank did you end up with?
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I would possibly be willing to give you my 40 gallon setup that I am trying to sell. It has a refugium and actinics. Shoot me over a pm and we can talk.


Thanks and best of luck!


I would also be glad to donate my 40 gallon acrylic tank, canopy, & stand, but I am using the 4 tube, T5 canopy over my 46 Bowfront.


I am very strapped for cash right now, saving all for moving for my wife's health reasons, out of this apartment to a small house somewhere in Washington County. If someone could help us out with a 36" 4 or 6 bulb T-5 Tek Light in working condition, I will be more than happy to donate the setup described in the "Want to Buy / Trade" section.


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