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Snails o plenty!


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They are probably Nasarrius snails, If you have a few that burrow in the sand I think they are the babies. I feed my tank in the evening and the big ones come out for dinner with the fish. Later you can see the little ones every where

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colonasta. good guys. Eat lots of algae (when there is a lot of them). They also reproduce in your tank.


I think I like these only second to stomatella. Stomatella have a "cool" factor to them.




Both sound like great canidates for the PNWMAS Award Program (wink wink)

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Keep track and see if they mature' date=' I have Stomellas and nasarrius that produce lots of babies but they never mature. I guess they are food the tank[/quote']


We've had Nassarius, Cerith, and Banded Trochus successfully spawn and mature in our tanks during the summer. Can't wait for it to happen again. The babies are quite cute.(laugh)



Ricky Soutas Jr.

-Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-

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(Defigart quote); Both sound like great canidates for the PNWMAS Award Program (wink wink)

What do you mean by that???


I will be keeping an eye out for them to mature.


Ps how do you quote someone one here? cant figure it out?




Look in the main page for the PNWMAS awards program section. Here is a link to the thread that discusses it.




Paid members can donate tank raised animals to the club to auction them off at meetings. The member gets "points" and the club gets the proceeds from the auction. The person that buys it gets a real tank raised item.


The program is in its starting stages, and Doran is trying to encourage people to participate in the program.



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