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sunset monti, pokerstar, setosa and more for sale


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I have a few frags for sale. Here is the list


1. pokerstar monti: 2 frags, fairly small about 3/4" encrusted on a disc $10 each


2. sunset monti: about 1/2" X 1/2" encrusted on a rock $30


3. montipora setosa: about 1/2" X 1/4" (one of the branches off of the mother colony posted below) $30


4. Oregon blue tort: Sorry I don't have a photo of this one but you know what it looks like, 2 frags 1 is 1/2" and the other 3/4". Sorry they are small but I can't frag big pieces. The 3/4" is $25 and the 1/2" $15


5. Red/Pink montipora digitata, 2 frags each about 2" tall with a few branches $10 each


6. Unknown purple acro: I don't know what type of coral this is but it has a slight pale green color to the base with purple coralites and polyps. This is a big piece. There are 2 4" pieces attached to a rock (to be sold as 1 piece) with several smaller new growth branches beginning. Each of the 2 main branches is really thick (approximately 1" diameter). $50.


7. ORA greenbirds nest, at least 1" frags for $10 each


8. Peach birdsnest with yellow/green tips, this is my favorite birdsnest in my tank. 2 frags available about 1" each $10


Call Jake at 503-330-4772






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Here are the remaining photos. My camera sucks so I do the best to represent the actual color of the coral. I just take the photo and upload the image so no photoshop or changes are made. But the camera seems to make everything look a little darker or bluer than they actually are. All of these photos were taken under 400W 20K halides with vho actinic supplement.



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if your using the underwater camera, set it on the setting that looks like a camera and then hit the flower button by the menu which is the macro and pick the super macro setting and turn off the flash, that may help with better pix. I can see what ones l have and send them ur way when l get home.

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Thanks for saving me too! My wife would have gotten over it sooner or later! But i would have been sleeping on the couch for a night or two!


(laugh)(laugh)(laugh) Yeah, that always has to be part of the equation.


BTW - Do you know Rod Beckner the Saab guy? I just noticed you are down in Jefferson.

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I am sorry Bob but all of the montis are sold. I will have more frags soon and I will get a hold of you. I still have the setosa and the blue tort and several other that I had not listed before. I am going to post a new thread because it starts to get confusing knowing what is around and what is not with this old one. If anyone wants this setosa or the tort let me know.

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