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you have to see this new chalice!


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That's what he said. LOL. I didn't get this locally' date=' I bought it online. That picture didn't do it justice. It is almost light purple now with those glowing yellow eyes. You gotta see it to believe it.[/quote']


Oh, my bad. I got one from seahorse a few days ago that is a rich purple color with glowing green mouths. I can't get a good shot of it though, and that looked so close to it.

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Bob...you need a B1TCH'n underwater camera box to take the clear photo. Hummm I think I have one lying around for when I sold corals online. Psst...I have some other reef contacts you'd be interested in too.



We should all hook up and have lunch early next week, the 3 of us and chat about those things.

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