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January updates


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I brought almost all living things home for the break because they turn off the heat at school, and I knew I would not be able to make it in to feed over the break. I am slowly returning stuff to the classroom to allow the biofilter to keep up with the bioload.



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As the semester is ending soon, things are winding down. I have a lot of kids who now know what salinity is and how to test it. They know that nitrates are bad. They know that those "things" are corals and that they are kinda like animals, but kinda like plants.My chemistry kids have figured out that there are ions floating around in the water. Pretty cool!!! Some kids keep asking questions. Some are ready to move on to foods class.

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The Wiki site is looking great Joel.


I am working on tours of both Hatfield Marine Science Center and Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport.

These "behind-the-scenes" tours are tentatively scheduled for April, either on the 18th or the 25th.

We definitely have the HMSC set... I am still waiting on OCAQ to respond. I will let you know more on this as things become finalized. I'm sure many students would be interested in attending this year!

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I'm back!

I haven't been on much and certainly haven't been keeping you all posted on my TFT status. My apologies! First, the snow shut down school, then I had to replan lessons, then finals came along...

Things are going great with the tank! I got two clowns from dave, set up the variety of corals I got from Kris and Dennis, and have had a couple of students who manage the water changes and such. The tank is a huge hit with students and staff alike. For those last few moments before the bell rings, students like to gather around the tank and argue over names for everything (who the heck actually names a hermit crab or snail?!?!).

One of the students who has been working on the tank for his careers project did a presentation on it for a panel of adults as part of his credit. Twas' a proud moment!

I have a bad habit of leaving my camera at school full of tank pictures. My school "computer" doesn't recognize modern technology such as photographs, so I need to bring it home to share some pictures of how it all looks.

Thanks again!

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