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Time to tell Santa.........


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So now that we have had our club party and some of have gotten gifts already.........


It is time to jump into Santas lap and tell him what you want for Christmas!!!!


So I'll go first......

I need some Korila pumps of the 4-6 size range.

(I'd like 3 but would take whatever I can get!!!)


I'm sure there is other stuff also but the pumps would be AWESOME!!!!!







So share your lists/wishes with us..............

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My santa list includes

- Electronic thermometer with an alarm (having trouble with my heaters overheating the tank)

- Automatic top off kit

- Moon lights

- Some MH ballasts

- And lots of livestock (new big tank and hardly anything in it. :)


You might look at getting new heaters... typically when they "break" it is the thermostat control that stops working, and they are stuck "on" all the time.

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Yeah, I had that happen with my first Hydor Theo heater. It was only a few weeks old when it started exhibiting the behavior. So I returned it for an exchange and now the new unit (only a couple weeks old) is doing the same thing. They are brand new units so it's making me think I'm doing something wrong.

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