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Finally, I found a somewhat local forum...


Anyway, I'm pretty new to salt water, but have been keeping freshwater tanks for years, including a 300 gallon African tank that has been up almost 10 years.


Its been up for about a month and change, and just added my first bit of something alive (A whopping 12 hermits and 10 snails.. LOL)


Hopefully this will evolve in to a reef tank over the next year or so... at the moment I'm looking forward to getting my first fish in to quarantine in the next couple weeks (and getting a larger clean up crew).


I'm sure I'll have lots of annoying newbie questions soon enough.


Here is a couple pics of where I'm at now..






Tank stats... 210 gallons, 100 gallon sump (about 3/4 full) 1/3 of which is a fuge.. Berlin XL (500 gal. rated) skimmer... not the best, but hey it only cost me a case of beer.


New lighting should be here this week, what I have is basically pieced together from an old Iguana tank w/ new bulbs.

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Welcome to the PNWMAS Forum khaosinc... looks like your tank is off to a good start!


If you would like to receive notifications of upcoming PNWMAS Meetings & Events, sent me a PM with your e-mail address, and you will be added to the PNWMAS Evite list!

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The tank was built with cardinals in mind, hence the large overhang. I have a thing for things with polka dots, and pajama cardinals fit that bill quite well. Beyond that, I hope to keep some of the dragonesque fish, and something large to keep them schooling.


as for wild dogs... I can try...




PS, I was unaware of a closer reef sight and I am off to check it out. thank you for the info.

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