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Many corals, sps, monti, zoa, rics for sale


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Check out the album here :) I put info in each picture.


http://s110.photobucket.com/albums/n89/jparamch/for%20sale/ Every picture should have prices and description.


Got a killer softball sized frogspawn....bright green tentacles with purple tips. Every person who's seen it comments on how awesome it is...now's your chance!


There are also a few other corals and frags that are not pictured just yet - $15 for those small frags, some great stuff.


I'll soon be selling fish (3 Bartlett Anthias, Chromis, pair of blue stripe cinnamon clowns (hosting a Condy, not mated yet), coral beauty, xmas wrasse...)stay tuned. And rock work as well.


requests will go out in the order they come in, preference to multi purchases.


I'm moving and can't take my tank - hence the selling :(



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Hmmm its really tough to even see the corals. They are all very dark and you can't make out the color at all.


I hurried to get them up - and they looked good on my monitor at home, but looking from work they are a little dark. And sorry - i don't have time to redo them until next week...

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bumping up - I'll be around Wednesday evening for people if you are interested in coming to pick things up.


I'm also updating some of the images to make them brighter on the link above. I'll work on new photos for remaining items after some things are picked up Wed..

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