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Skimmer issues... help...


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I have recently attached an AquaC EV 120 that I bought 6 years ago but never used as my tank I ended up buying had a PM skimmer built in...


So, after not really getting much out of my skimmer all these years, I decided to try out the AquaC. I hooked it up w/ a Rio3100 pump and it foamed like crazy. I filled up my collection vat several times. It has settled down a bit now.


My problem is that I have they system set at the right level with a valve between the pump and the skimmer so that the water level in the skimmer is right. The, for a while, no skimate is produced. Then, without warning, it bubbles over and fills my collection vat and in some cases, overflowing into my cabinet. A bit of a mess today.


So, the question is,


1. Do pumps ever vary in power such that the skimmer could get overpowered after being set properly.


2. Do collection vats with float stoppers actually work? Mine never filled before because I don't think my PM skimmer ever worked properly!


All help appreciated!



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When I was using my EV400, I remember it took at least a week for it to start skimming reliably. When I first set it up I would adjust it and later it would overflow. It kept doing that then after about a week it settled down and worked great. So you might give it some time.

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So here is the update. I have spoken with the nice folks as AquaC. They tell me I have the EV-150.


I have a valve between my pump (rio 3100) and the skimmer and also an exhaust valve. AquaC has suggested that I reduce the input of water (this valve has course control) and then fine tune the skimmer with the output valve (a much higher quality valve). This allows me to get much better control over the skimmer.


I let the skimmer set for 6 hrs yesterday at a somewhat safe level just to observe and no skimate was produced. I then turned it SAFER for the night. This morning before the lights turned on, I set the skimmer at the first safe point. Skimate came pouring out. My bucket was ready.


The question... What biological process goes on with the lights out that increases the skimate?



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