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HUGE thanks to Spectra.


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I made a post about wanting to get some CUC/critters from peoples tanks to get some diversity going and he drove all the way down from vancouver and gave me two nice chunks of rock covered in zoa's, shrooms, and brittle starts. Didn't charge me a dime, didn't even want to take the only frag I had to offer. Thanks man.


Definetely do business with this guy. (drinking)

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Thanks Scott


SquidHC not to hi-jack your thread but while he was running around today for you Scott swung by Frank's and picked me up some Chaeto to start my refugium. He even handed me a couple of freebies. Scott is one in a millon. Thanks man I really appreaciate it. (highfive)


Frank I owe you too. Don't have much in the way of frag's as I am just starting out, but we'll work out something. ;)



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