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September 2008 PNWMAS Meeting


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I would like to go but first off are there any cats or dogs or other furry pets? I am allergic... I would be a new member. Used to go to the freshwater club meetings (GPAS) but they are weekdays when I work, and have gotten exceedingly boring (:

I have a 55 and a 20 going, the 20 is for frags. I keep lots of beginner type stuff, as have lost sps in the past with RTN and other problems and am perhaps overly cautious about selecting only the hardiest of corals. So you guys probably will not like my frags, except maybe the people eaters and gorgonians. I would like to be breeding some type of marine fish but am not at present, though I have a pair of red scooter blennies-male still in quarantine-and am looking for a pair of black "perculas". Who is not? (: Could use some cultures especially rotifers, N oculata and if possible Acartia tonsa pods with a food they can grow on. I have raised peppermint shrimp to maturity but only 8 and that was a while ago. And dwarf seahorses but they are almost too easy (: Would also like to track down a blue and plum "kenya tree" I used to have, neon green sinularia (the hard one), purple and or green Pocillopora damicornis, and orange plating montipora.

I also raise killifish, garden, paint and draw, and sew.

So that is about it for me, hope to meet some of you soon!



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I have a good sized harlequin shrimp that I can bring for trade for a few frags, he currently is residing in my sump after my pistol shrimp decided to take one of his hind legs off(sad) Still really healthy and eating fine, just needs a few molts to be perfect looking again ;)


Anyways, I'm sure someone coming to the meeting can give him a better home than a refugium sump where he never gets to be seen.


Any interest? I'm always looking for a few new zoas :D


I'll also have a chunk of blue polyped montipora, some palys, and I'll bring along 4-5 bags of caeto and calurpa.

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Are there pics of the meeting? I'd love to see. I really hope to see pics of the October meeting too. Will the pres make it happen? I was hoping to get to a northern meeting this time around but I am busy October 19th. Reed Mariculture sounds like a great speaking event.


Here is a link to a few pics that I took at the Sept. PNWMAS Meeting at Frank's house.



Everything is set for the October Meeting at Barelycuda's Clownhouse. I am doing my best with my relatively inexpensive Canon digital camera, but I am hoping for someone to take some nice quality pics at the Oct. Meeting, and possibly get some of Randy Reed's presentation on video if permitted.

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