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Softies for sale


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For sale (spend $10 or more and I'll throw in a nice frag of white pom-pom xenia). Pick-up only:


SOLD! (Thanks Snowpunk) Pink Ricordia mushrooms (with a little purple). Disk on right has one quarter-sized polyp. Disk on left has two smaller polyps. $15 for either disk.



Frag of tonga yellow leather (sarcophyton). Low to moderate light demand. Likes moderate to high flow. Picture shown is mother colony (on right). Frag is approximately 1" x 3" - $10



Green star polyp colony - fist sized live rock covered in GSP - very hearty. Medium green (not as yellow as it seems in the picture). Can do well in a variety of light and flow conditions - $20.



Large Rhodactis mushrooms - these get up to 8" in diameter and will eat many kinds of food. Fun to watch when they close up and swallow food. Very hearty. Do well in a variety of light and flow conditions. $3 per polyp or 4 for $10. Several available.


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