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Beach Clean up 2008


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Next month March 29th is our annual beach clean up. This year we will be meeting at Fogarty Creek recreation zone 6.



I will bring some waver forms for people interested in attending at our next meeting February 17th 2008 at Coral Reef Pet Center.


Also we will have a pot luck after the clean up. Bob and I will bring the clams and oysters. Anyone who wants to bring something is welcomed to.


Att Kids: who ever picks up the most amount of trash and one who finds the most unusual object will get a cool prize.


For the adults gift certificates will be awarded to the person who collects the most amount of trash. Also a raffle.





If you plan on attending respond to this thread.




Hope to see lots of people there!!!!!!

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***Live post at the coast***

Where's everyone? Can't find anybody...there is a north and south fogarty.....anyways the beaches are darn clean...no litter to pick up...even went down the road to another beach and just a hand full of litter.....anyways


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We should have all exchanged phone numbers. I got there and waved a Brandy a few times. I don't think she recognized me. Jay, i called your cell but didn't leave a msg. I wasn't sure if it was south or north Fogarty. The "Who's yur Crawdaddy" wall distracted me from noticing the north Fogarty entrance (laugh)


We picked up a lot of styrofoam and found a HUGE rusty hinge. The beach was pretty clean, i think this section of beach gets hit by the waves pretty well and washes everything away.


The cliffs were incredible, very smooth rock that had a trickle of water flowing over it for who knows how many years made it very smooth. Some rocks seemed more resistant to the erosion and still jutted out. You could see fossilized shells being uncoverd by the erosion, it was really cool. We left around 12:30 since we had a cranky baby with us. It sure was stormy!! At some points there was enough hail to cover the whole ground white. My sister and her husband stayed thrusday night in Lincoln city and woke up to an inch of snow!!


Here are some pics i took

























What a cute couple!!!



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