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Issues with diamond back goby


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Discussion: How long have you owned a diamond back goby? 

I personally haven’t had any luck with them. I have been reefing for a few years now. I have all sorts of very nice fishes but for some odd reason I can’t keep a diamond back goby. I do believe each one has passed from starvation and can never find its body “clean up crew working over time” 

Just putting some feelers out and want to hear how people have been going along with the diamond back goby.

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For me it depends on the goby I’ve had some jump out even though I have a lid found them right on the netting. Found 1 on the floor and the rest I guess the clean up crew got them. In my wife’s tank she’s had hers going on a year when she feeds her tank the diamond is the first one eating. I’ve had my current one in my tank going on 3 months now and he eats everything brine shrimp,pellets even the scraps of nori the tangs make. Try to get them to eat what you feed your tank and hopefully they will last awhile. Every time i go into cuttlefish they always ask if I need another diamond goby.


on other note I have an engineer goby in my garage tank. When I got him about 12 years ago he was about an inch long now he’s about 13 to 14 inches long. And he’s like a bulldozer he can move the sand. I’ll level it out about once a month and then he rearrange it to how he likes it. I guess that’s why there called engineer goby’s.

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