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5G Cadlight Nano


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Since my 125 wont be setup for a month or so I had to setup something to "itch" the reef bug. I bought a skimmer from Mike (Uhuru) awhile back and the tank was included. It was a 5G Cadlight Bowfront glass tank. I always wanted to set it up but never had a reason, and I couldnt find a cheap light. Well when I was at my LFS the other day I found what I needed it was a little 12" PC 13wx2 setup w/ legs for $40 w/bulbs. I figured since all Im gonna keep is a couple shrooms for corals I would be okay. I havent got it "finalized" yet but its pretty much there. All I really need to do is redo the return plumbing (it kinda sticks out like a sore thumb)


All thats in there now is a shroom and some Halimeda that I got from Rey. I plan on hitting up my LFS and see if I can score a goby/pistol combo or maybe some harlequins??


Here are some pics!





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