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Kalkwasser overdose question


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Hello again:


Started my kalkwasser drip early tonight and had the drip to fast now my PH is the highest I have ever had it. Usually hovers around 8.0-8.2.5 tonight it is at 8.55 I shut down the drip and cut the lights to help it come down but is this to high? Everything looks ok. I know this is a big swing and I usually just go for a stable PH around 8.2 I think it will come down and be ok but was wondering if anyone has experiance like this and what happened?



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I had some concentrated Kalk (solid) get into my display. It ended up landing on the Kenya tree that I got from you last summer. Half of the coral melted over the next few days. What is left has recovered nicely, and is growing back.


I hope that your system is able to take the pH swing. I would hate to see such a beautiful set-up crash.



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