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SPS Corals for Sale & some zoos / Mushrooms


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Just got a complete system from a friend & need to sell off some corals.


Dark Purple Montipora Cap Frags encrusted completely on 1.5" frag disk.. $20 each or 2 for $15

1 frag pending for spectra.





Electric Green Hydnophora encrusted completely on 1.5 frag disk.. $10 & $15 frags





Green Candy Cane approx. 10 heads $10



Sorry for the lousy pix.. camera sux

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Oregon Blue Acropora Tortusa 3-4" mini colony. 3 pieces @ $50 each obo & 1 small half inch frag $5 mounted.

1 tort pending for spectra

2 torts pending for flyguy will hold till Tuesday night

frag pending for cobalt



Details here:




Purple Acropora Coral - Kind of a lavender color.. 3-4" mini colony. $40 obo

frag pending cobalt

Details here:


Some frags mounted also available $10-15 each


Tongan blue mushrooms (approx 30-40pcs) w/ 1 purple ricordia attaced-$30 6" inch rock

Pending for csrdph


Bright orange eye zoos (approx 50+ polyps) -$20

Pending for spectra then csrdph.

Various color zoos (20-30 polyps) - $20

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Jay put me down for the Dark Purple Montipora Cap and one of the Oregon Blue Acropora Tortusa 3-4" mini colony. Also might be interested in the orange zoos. Hell once I am there who knows might get more(laugh) Just let me know when I can come and get them.


Thanks, Scott

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Spectra - I'll put you down for 1 Oregon Blue Tort, the Purple Mont. Cap & orange zoos.

csrdph - If spectra doesn't take the zoos you can have em. & tongan blue mushrooms.

Flyguy - I'll put you down for 2 oregon blue torts & the purple acropora.


I'll post some actual pix of the torts.

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Thanks for the nice compliments Spectra.


Blue Torts gone w/ the exception of 1 small frag I'm holding for Cobalt.

Purple acro gone & a few small frags left. Holding 1 for Cobalt.


Still available

Purple montipora caps

Green montipora caps

Hydnophora frags

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