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FS: 200g Custom Glass Tank, Stand, Sump

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I've been posting all the various equipment, but now it's time for the tank itself.

It's a custom sized 80x24x24 (about 200ish) tank, with a great stand built by our own @The ReefBox and a large sump. 

It's empty now, and I'm in the process of cleaning all the coralline off - but below is a photo of it up and running. I have no clue how to price tanks so I'll throw out a number and I'm happy to listen to any offers.

Tank/stand/sump: $1000

I have the Radion XR30 G3 lights & hanging kit on another post, but I'll throw all that in for $500.

Then all the liverock (Blue iaquatics rock) for another $100 with the tank.

I'll get some better photos up - but the gist is: if you're in the market for a giant tank, let me know and we should chat.


200 RE-REEF_JULY 2020.jpg

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