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Tonga Fuzzy purple Mushroom f/trade


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I won this At the Corals Farmer Market last year. It's very large (3-4 inches) and very purple.

There is a small one on the same rock that I am keeping.The pic is from about 6-8 months ago it's quite a bit bigger now.You don't see these very often.

looking For sps and lps, (brains , acans, monti's, ect)


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Dang a little to late :) Nice looking piece. Who auctioned this piece at the market? Later Ryan


It was a raffle. I wanted it then, but Jon won it. He was nice enough to give me a piece at that time, but my piece just shriveled up and died.


Thanks again Jon!



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He was the other sponsor of the event. I was talking to him at the CFM, and he said that he had a tank full of these purple mushrooms... Maybe you can contact him to see if he will send you one. If this one that I have decides to reproduce enough for me to share, then you (Ryan) will be first in line to get one.



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