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**Blind Frag Swap** September-2022


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Announcing PNWMAS Blind Frag Swap, September 25th 2022 

Last month’s frag swap was such a hit that we want to make sure we continue the fun with September’s meeting at All Things Aquarium! We had 31 total last time with many really nice pieces! Only 3 LPS though. Can we beat it this month!? Yes, challenge accepted... 

Let’s get the ball rolling by posting some of the pieces you plan on bringing in below.

Here's how it works

  • Bring a Frag, go home with a Frag.  Of the same category.
  • Organized by category.   SPS/Stony, LPS/Hard, and Zoa/Shrooms/Softies
  • Up to two frags, per paid member 
  • Bring up to two frags, in separate bags.   Sharpie the frag name on each bag.
  • You will get a ticket for each representing what coral category you brought
  • At check in, your frag will get hidden in another bag 
  • Check-in is from 1-2pm
  • At 2:30pm, exchange your ticket for a blind frag of the same type you brought
  • At 3pm, remaining frags will be sold for $10/draw, to paid members (The club will be supplying some bonus frags into the pool as well.  Therefore, there will be extra frags.)
  • Two frags per member. Don't make these the worst frags you have, we want everyone to go home excited about their new frag! Bring a cooler to drive new frags home.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at this month's meeting!

September Meeting Details

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 9.32.52 PM.png

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