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🍕September Meeting Sunday 9/25 at All Things Aquarium 🍕


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When: Sunday September 25 1:00 to 5:pm

Where: All Things Aquarium 

30299 SW Boones Ferry Rd

Wilsonville, OR 97070

We will have pizza and drinks ! 

Daniel from ReeFi will unveil his new ReeFi Uno 2.0 and answer questions about LED lighting.

We'll also raffle off a ReeFi Duo Extreme led light.




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3 hours ago, AquaKey said:

Looking forward to meeting everyone, I missed tge last one. 

Is a frag swap an option? If others are interested, I'll volunteer to set it up and manage it. 

We could certainly do one again we were definitely doing one for December . 

1 hour ago, svt_guido said:

The last frag swap was great.!.
We should definitely do it again…

Yes it was . David did an excellent job with the organization 

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You don't want to miss this meeting. Daniel from ReeFi will bring pre-production prototypes of his soon-to-be-released Uno 2.0 lights. He'll also answer questions about LED lighting in general.

We'll be raffling off a ReeFi Duo Extreme LED light as well.

See you all there!

Here's a nice review of the ReeFi Uno 1.0.


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6 minutes ago, SuncrestReef said:

Sorry I'll miss this meeting.  I'm still testing positive for covid, though all my symptoms cleared up about 3 days ago and I'm feeling fine.

Hope everyone has fun today!  And say Hi to Daniel for me.

Sorry to hear that, John. I tested positive for 12 days on the rapid tests when I had it!

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