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Holding Livestock Over


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Thanks for the reply,


I was just asking because I purchased 4 flame scallops, 1 arrow crab, 30 very small blue leg hermit crab, and 4 emerald crab. I bought them last night around 5 PM, and waited until I got the kid to bed about 10 PM. Then I started to aclimate all live stock and did so for about and hour. Well, everything is still alive except the 4 emerald crab. What do you think went wrong?


My tank was se-up about a week ago, I skimmed my used live sanduntil it was clear. My live rock and live sand came for a tank taken down. Now odor was present, but sand was pretty dirty. This is why I vaccumed and skimmed the sand for a few day andcontinued to stir the sand about every few hours. The water is just a little cloudy in the tank, but in a secondary container it looks great.


1. Could this emerald crab have been sick?


2. What do I look for in the other inverts in the days to come?


3. Is this common with inverts.


4. Should I purchase from another shop, I do not believe these crab were in the shops water. The crab just arrived yesterday around noon, and I picked them up around 5 PM.


I did not remove the crab from the bag when not sign of life was seen only 6-8 hours later, only water was transfered from bagged water, to my tank, and my tank to the bag.





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if it never made it out of the bag it was probably on its last leg to begin with. Usually shops will give you credit for something that doesnt make it into your tank alive but because you had a 5 hour window before you put it in the tank that probably isnt going to happen. Maybe they possibly neglected to put extra oxygen in the bag? Some places assume you are going right home and putting the livestock into the new tank and may skip this extra step. other than that I dnt know. usually any inverts I have purchased have been very hearty and forgiving of parameters such as temp, etc. HTH. -John

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