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50 Gal Cube Tank Breakdown, Equipment + Livestock


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I’m taking a break and have my 50 gallon SCA cube tank with internal overflow available + the remaining livestock up for sale.


Large green with purple rim Haddoni carpet anemone.  Sold


Medium green/tan with white stripes Haddoni carpet anemone.  Sold

Various black and white clownfish, purchased from Pennywise all from the same clutch. I was hoping they would form a harem but they appear to all want to be the boss so these should be bought individually or in pairs, possibly trios.   All Sold

Tomini tang, 4 inches.  Sold

Various pieces of live rock with some bubble algae, aptasia, some with blue mushrooms, blue Xenia, and sponges. Approximately 30 pounds. $30.00 - Pending with Tank

Bubblegum Montipora Digitata.  Free with purchase 


SCA 50 gallon cube tank (24”x24”x20”) with internal overflow, stand, 10 gallon tank for sump, DC return pump with all plumbing, heater, 2 jebao wavemakers.  $250.00 - Pending

Smatfarm 95 watt LED light.  Sold

AquaUV Sterilizer with pump, bulb is 6 months old.   15 Watt Advantage 2000+ $75.00

Tunze 3155 auto top off, a little old but works fine.  $75.00



PMs will take priority over posting in this thread. I will take reservations in the order they are received but will not hold for days. 

Thanks for looking! 


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BTW, I'm live just outside of Oregon City towards Beavercreek.  Also, I'm getting a lot of PMs about the clownfish.  Like I stated in the post, these were all purchased at the same time from the same clutch and they are mix of regular b&w, one all white, one single headband, one domino single dot and a snowflake looking one.  There is not a dominant pair yet but there are several competing to be the female and a few that are being chased off so I cannot guarantee any will become a pair or that any that you purchase will not fight.  There will be better combinations that might work that I would be happy to suggest.

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