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Randall’s 425xl


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I was lucky enough to purchase the very well known Suncrestreef tank. I have kept a lot of the equipment from his entire setup and changed a few things. I transferred all my livestock over from my previous setup and for now have everything finished. I may change the aquascape a few times before I’m fully happy with it, but with needing to have the transfer done in one night, after an 11 hour day at work. This is what I’ve settled one for the time being. I love how well it’s plumbed and how quiet everything is. Here’s a breakdown of most of the equipment 
Reefer 425xl with a custom made square aluminum channel tank brace to allow for the bigger sump 
Trigger systems sapphire 34 sump with fleece roller
Nyos 160 skimmer with the swabbie added
2 radion gen 5 xr15 pros
Apex with orp, salinity, temp, ph, gro fuge light, Cor20 return, Neptune atk, fmm to monitor the flow through the uv and return
2 gyres with ice cap through the apex
300 watt brs titanium heater
I’m not great at wire management without a control panel so I’m thinking of having a panel built to hide all the wire in the future. Livestock is as follows
2 percs
5 chromis 
1 Hawaiian yellow tang
1 hippo tang
1 coral beauty 
1 algae blenny 
I might add one or 2 more fish but that’s undecided. 
I have a full clean up crew from reef cleaners for a 120 gallon tank. I can’t wait to start getting corals added but I’m just letting the tank settle for a couple months as the previous tank was fowlr.





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