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Classified Ad rules reminder

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If you intend to post anything for sale in our forums, please remember the rules:

  1. If you are intending to SELL something, place your ad in the Classified Threads subforum, not in the General or in the Want to Buy / Trade subforum.
  2. You must list a price for each item.

Your ad will not be approved and will remain hidden from the forum users until it meets the requirements and is approved by a Moderator.

Please follow these rules.  Each of us Moderators are constantly needing to remind people who post without following the rules, and it is time consuming.  Remember, we are only volunteers here and are not compensated in any way for our time.

Full details on the rules are listed here:


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20 minutes ago, Emerald525 said:

I am going to say it again:

Please LIST a price!!!!:moneybag:

Thanks for reposting @SuncrestReef


Thank you all!

Since Flash is confused. The number one issue I run into when people post is they don’t list prices.  The second issue is posting in the wrong forum. All classified ads need to be approved before posting so there is a delay. Usually a pretty minimal delay unless their is a rule violation. One thing we have been more relaxed with is multiple postings. Ideally you should have one classified post up at a time.

Thanks again everyone.😄

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