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The Cube!


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I finally set up the 60G cube over the last few weeks.

Added a batch of sand and a little rock that's been cycling with a heater, pump and skimmer for months in a corner of the kitchen (it will be so nice to have the rubbermaid container out of there!).


Once I'm sure the parameters are stable (currently ammo, nitrites and trates are at 0), I'll start moving the contents of my 20H, which has been up for over 5 years, into the cube.


This is the first time I am experiencing MH lighting, and I have to admit, it looks great!

Though for some reason the bulb went out just seconds after I took the pic, and now I have to figure out why.

I really don't have the resources to get a new bulb right now (btw, does anyone know if the cheapo ebay bulbs are worth trying in a pinch?).


I'll be setting up a fuge with macro in the sump, and the little ASM mini skimmer is looking pretty good.

Hope it's enough for that size tank!

I'll be picking up a Koralia 3 from dstoneburg in a couple of days, in addition to a modded Tunze 6025 that's already in there.

Once the 20H is empty, it'll free up 3 MJs (400, 900, 1200) and I may mod one of them for more flow for the cube.

The fan in the hood is super loud, but for now I'll have to live with it, until some more money flows in!

I'm going to keep this tank stocked low with fish, because I don't want to have to fight nitrates and HA in this tank, too!


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