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Livestock and Equipment for quick sell

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We're getting rid of just about everything we own to move on a sailboat and cruise around the world. I've been battling algae for awhile since I've storms crashed the tank as you can see. 

First I need to start selling all my livestock so I can sell or store everything else. Will give a great deal if you take them all at once and would prefer to just make a offer.

1) I have Two clown fish I don't remember their fancy designer names but I paid $60 each I think selling both for $30



2) Cleaner shrimp hard to get a good picture. make offer 


3) Two small coral frags. Make offer



4) clean up crew snails blue clawed hermits and emerald crab

Next up is all the equipment I have on had that I can now

1) around 100lbs dry live rock most of it was bleached washed and been dry a few months now.  $3.00 lbs or make offer

2) bubble Magnus 5 protein skimmer in sump was only used for a month with a system with only live rock I was cooking.

3) brand new 40 gal breeder still in cardboard from Petco sale. $40 

4) Brand new 20 gal long still has stickers from Petco sale. $20

5) lightly used 10 gal needs cleaned was a planted tank for a year. $10

6) Large GFO reactor used for a few days no scratches

7) Eshopps 100 HOB protein skimmer used for 4 years little dirty but works like new. Make offer


Will have more items after livestock sells 










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