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WTB Chaeto

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I just got a MAR-3181 algae reactor and I'd like to get a good size chunk of Chaeto (roughly softball size would be great) for it if anyone has some clean Chaeto they'd sell or trade.  Let me know if you have some to spare.  Thanks!

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I can hook you up! I'm not sure I'd call it 'clean', but it's not full of bristleworms or anything like that, no parasite problems in my tank.  You could rinse in RoDi and refridgerate it for a while to kinda clean it if you wanted.

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I have some that needs a trimming. Full of pods and starfish. No aptasia in sight but can't guarantee it. However picking some up at cuttlefish is a great excuse to check out all the beautiful corals.

I'm in Beaverton.

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