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Red Sea reef mat

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Has anyone ued these yet? I’m buying the Red Sea s1000. I can’t tell if the sumps has been improved to remove the sock tray and ad the reef mat? Also I was wondering about how long the rolls last? I know there will be some variance between peoples tanks. I just would like to here your size tank and how long a roll last? Am I going to be buying a $30 roll twice a month or once every two months. It could be a deal breaker. Any good or bad would be appreciated


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I use the Clarisea 6" and I can tell you that you will maximize your filter life by keeping the filter roller as high as possible in the sump. I also recommend staying within the recommended flow as higher flows will cause higher internal water levels and trigger the filter advance switch more frequently. 

I am personally going through a roll about every 8 weeks and I have 90% of my water going through the filter. I have a 90 gal tank with about 20 fish and 30 corals that get fed 2x per day.

For planning purposes,  configure a gate on the line feeding the filter. Let the rest bypass the filter into the sump or sock. Don't use the bypass in the roller as this bypass will allow some of the detritus that hasn't stuck to the paper to escape making the roller matt much less effective. 

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