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Question about tank on floors

The ReefBox

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So I’m just about ready to transfer my new tank into fish room.  I have replaced the variety with a high end thick (14 mm) waterproof laminate flooring (not lvp)  I used a top tier underlayment and have glued all seams and will add clear silicone to where floor meets baseboards to full waterproof. 

my question is for those that have placed tanks (my is a metal stank with customs skins) did you put anything under the stand like foam or rubber? Did it discolor over time when tank was moved/taken down or upgraded?

I appreciate any input, not looking to debate about laminate VS. LVP etc.  my concern is discoloration of flooring if I put a barrier down or not 

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13 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

Depends on what your "laminate" is made of.  Vinyl and PVC should be fine. 

You should know that waterproof for click floors means.. water won't destroy them.  Water will pass through them though.

What did you glue the seams with? 

Laminate glue and silicone 

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