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Help with DIY sump/refugium


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My name is Kevin and I am new to all of this, and am looking to set-up my very first saltwater reef tank. I have a 90 GAL w/ 45 GAL sump/refug that I am wanting to build. I am looking for information on set-up and config of the sump/refug. I am unsure about the right way to config the sump/refug into the different sections of the right size to get the best out come in the end. The measurements of the 45 gal is 36L x 12W x 22H. How large should each section be? What thickness of Plexi/Glass should be used for the partitions? Any help or advise you have is much appreciated.

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Check out melevsreef.com for a bunch of sump designs!

Are you planning on having a skimmer in the sump? If yes, figure out which one *before* gluing in the baffles (can you tell that I did it the other way around and then had to start over since the skimmer had a bigger footprint than I realized? :D).


I had two drains, one feeding the skimmer, the other going into the refugium. The return pump was in the middle.

But there are many different configurations out there.


Good luck with the project!

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Thank you for you reply. I am looking to hopefully learn from all of the "mistakes" that others have made in the past so I can make better use of my time to be able to contribute in other ways. I am thankful that knowledge is not lacking in this club, it really helps new guys like myself get into this hobby.



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