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Do you know what just dawned on me? The similarities between the coral growing industry and marijuana growing industry. They both seem to have a thing for coming up with names like Walt Disney, pineapple Cush, OG, for something that already exists by a proper name. But they’ve figured out a way to cultivate/fine tune that common product in a way that makes it unique from the others. This came to me as I was looking at my tank and realizing I don’t remember/know most of the base SPS names anymore other than the fancier names growers have given them. 

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Lmfao... both industry plays off names and appearances. It's almost the actual strain is forgotten. Especially in the Marijuana industry people get all hyped up over a name and want it even though they have nothing to really identify or compare it to whether they are really buying said strain. You can litterly sell the same strain that had a weak name that wasn't selling and then rename it to something mouth watering like say Strawberry banana and people eat it up like it is the newest hottest thing out lol. I see this all the time in the field. 

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