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Sand cleaners


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Also what are you looking for in the sand? Do you have detrites or is the cyano growing on it? There are many things that are great for the sand. Both my tanks have sand sifting stars and nesarius snails. My 90 has a few conches also a wierd looking snail that I picked up from SWF have only seen it once it is totaly white and lives in the sand. Also have a cucumber that works great. If you are just trying to keep the sand white a diamond goby is the way to go. Only bad thing is they move more sand than a bulldozer and willl undermine any rocks theat are sitting on the sand.

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Sand Cleaners and Brown Merc "WASTE"?


I am looking for good combination of sand cleaners that will be benificial for sand that I purchased from a club member that had tons of life in it, but, it looked like it needed better filtration or needed something.


Don't get me wrong, I am glad that I purchased this sand. It is filled with dime starfish, snails, and other this that I don't know what they are yet.


I just want something that will clean what looks like waste that has settled in the bottom and it is going on three day and the water is still looking dirty, not cloudy.


What could I put in to eat this brown merc that lingers. I hate to filter the water because I would like to keep anything benificial that is in the sand and not have life lost that is in the sand.


I am not looking for something to turn my tank up-side down, but to enjoy eating tons of what appears to be waste and leave all living creatures in the tank.


I am going to pick-up some snails today, just thought that I would ask before I go to the shop.






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Don't get a sand-sifting star... A 55g is too small to support one. I had one in my 75g, and it has slowly starved to death. It started by loosing one of it's arms. Before I finally took it out of my tank, it was down to only about 1/2 of two arms left, and it was on its back for a week (could not turn over). It was a slow, painful process. Furthermore, I think it ate the half-dozen sandbed clams that I bought from IPSF.com. :( Not cool.



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I have had sand sifting stars in both my 90 and my sons 29 and never had a problem with either one. Not sure how deep you sand is but my sons was about 4 inchs and there were nesarius snails and a star in there for over 6 months and no problems. My 90 has a star many nesarius a couple of conches a tiger cucumber and a few other critters that are supposed to clean the bed. Both tanks looked great.


Dsoz how many fish were in the tank? I know I had a few so fed the tank pretty good.

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