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Great party


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Yes, wonderful party! I was glad to meet everyone that I did there although I should have written down names and screen names LOL Looking forward to next years! This one was a blast. Keep up the great work everyone! See you all next meeting hopefully!




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!1

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Thanks for all that showed, glad to see everyone, there where so many raffle prizes... just crazy. The sponsors that partook really need a pat on the back for supporting PNWMAS, a few really went overboard this year. THANKS


Thanks to PFO for taking time out of there weekend and a few people flying in out of state just to talk about lighting, if thats not customer service then I don't know what is.


Merry Christmas everyone.

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I was supposed to be there' date=' I had my White elephant gift wrapped up and everything ready to go ... Sold my 2 tanks instead, that took all day (nutty). So was it well attended? How many people?[/quote']


Sorry, you didn't make it, but glad you got your tanks sold. We had about 35 attendees.

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Party was great; kudos to Chief/Spayne/Curtis for re-gifting what they were afraid to win :). I do think the potluck food was better last year than Chuck Wagon.


Who was is it that I bought the frag of zoos from that were purple? You weren't sure which frags were which. I think you gave me what you traded the lady for, green? Send me a PM, I can't remember your login. Me ponytail, and I think you have one too with a big cooler.

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