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Buh bye brown clove polyps


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And good riddance!

4 days, gone.  Here are the first three days documented.  You can see them shriveling up.

No coral or clam deaths, or anything that i could tell...

This is the 'pretty' shot.  Imagine an 8' frag tank choked out with them.  Almost gave up and rebooted the tank.

So nice to see the coral again, although the aptasia are taking full advantage of the new real estate.  And the cycle continues :)

Fenbendizole - https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/eliminating-blue-clove-polyps-with-fenbendazole.308994/


Day 0



Day 1



Day 2


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  • TheClark changed the title to Buh bye brown clove polyps

Shot from today.  Flipped by the scraper but a much happier coral.  I don't believe there is a single clove on there.  The skeleton sticks out, so it looks like close polyps.   Hopefully the coral will spread back over that eventually...

I wish I would have take pictures of the frag racks.  You couldn't even see the racks.  They are spotless now.

So there is hope if you are fighting this, assuming they don't come back!




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