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Star ID???


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Good. I do have a bunch of them. The one thing I notice is I don't seem to have but only a couple of bristle worms. I use to see them quite a bit but since the stars have taken over, I don't rarely see them. Do they eat the bristle worms? Thanks for the help. If they were bad, I don't know how I would get them out. 20 dollars for 6 of them??? Wow, I could make a fortune if they were still selling for that. Jim

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Since they have become dense in my tank I have seen a large hit on my pods and worm population, but I added a hawkfish a year ago as well and he loves to eat the bristle worms, so they tend to not come out, but I do see them when I move large things and flip them over.

Who knows....

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Check your tank after the lights go out with a flashlight Bucky' date=' that's when I see the bristleworms here and there coming out of the rocks.[/quote']


Thats when I see the ones I have seen. I know they are there. I just don't seem to see them as much. I feel much better knowing these stars are safe.

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