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Let me introduce myself...


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Figured I would say hello to everyone, I actually stumbled across pnwmas while researching about how to setup my first tank. My roommate has been into the hobby for years and gotten me into the addiction of reef keeping. After taking care of the nano in the house for the past six months or so I figured it was time for my own tank.


A few months ago I purchased a used 50gal truvu from craigslist... while in the process of collecting all the parts I needed to get the tank up and running I ended up purchasing Dave's 120 from the classified section. So now my 50 gal is in the process of being converted to my sump and I'm just about done refinishing the stand and canopy for the 120. Hopefully I'll get the RO setup tomorrow and start filling some barrels of water. If all goes well I'll have the tank setup and filling with water by the weekend!


I'm stoked to have access to the wealth of knowledge from all the great people on here!


I'll get some pictures of the nano on here pretty soon as well as the 85 we just got done putting in the wall a few weeks ago and hopefully my 120 up and running!



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Jay Oak Grove is between Milwaukie and Gladstone... its pretty much Portland.


Here are a few pictures... Most of the kids in the nano will be moved to my 120 once it's cycled.

The in wall 85










The nano







My tank when I bought it...




Almost done refinishing the stand and canopy







So thats it for now... more to come soon once I'm done building the sump and getting the tank finished up...



ANYBODY know an easier way to remove calcium from the overflows than just using a scrubber and vinegar? Getting all this calcium off is going to be the life of me!

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