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WTB Return Pump


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Either or... I have things kinda setup for a submersible right now but the tank and sump arent quite finished so I can go either way... The biggest thing is that I'm looking for something inexpensive cause I'm pretty strapped for cash being the holidays and all.


I'm hoping someone has something lying around they wouldn't mind unloading for cheap... Wishful thinking I guess. It's looking like I might just end up going with one of the $60 AquaVia submersible pumps.

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Yeah that should work pretty good, what do you want for it? Also did you have any problems with the pump running really hot?


The tank is a 120 gal / 55 gal sump with a single 400w halide and 4 55w power compacts. I'm hoping I'll be able to keep a safe temp with fans and not having to drop more $$ on a chiller that I cant afford.


As you can see I'm still a total newb.

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Get in line buddy!


Just kidding... This is Chris from Omen. See you at Zak's Christmas party this weekend? El Salvador has an external pump, it was just a little more than I was looking to spend right now.


Dstoneburg, that would probably work. I'll let you know this weekend, more than likely I'll pay you to ship it if you don't mind considering it would be cheaper than driving down and back from Portland with these [language filter] gas prices!

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For long term use I would in the future recommend you upgrade to a lower watt, quieter, more reliable pump like a Eheim or Mag. Short term you will be OK with a RIO but it will fail being used as a return with head pressure after a few years. thought I would just put that out there so you know.

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